Microsoft Paper Airplane Toss

Microsofts or Amnesias (paperplane) paper airplane throwing distance game is extremely addictive. Just try it and you will agree.


Paper Airplane Throwing Game


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Now have you gotten out the window at the end of the room? Well they give some tricks to get the paper airplane out the window but not the right ones. I have discovered some very easy tricks and secrets to get the some of the greatest distance that a Microsoft paper airplane could possibly do!

Below you will find the secrets to the Microft paper airplane toss game.

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tossing the paper airplane for distance

The toss of the paper airplane is definitely the most important feature about the game. If you throw the airplane the wrong way it will end up stalling or hitting the chimney outside of the window. I won't even mention the things that it can hit in the room. The fan overhead is a big obstacle at first but if you follow my suggestions you will get past it every time.

I have consistently came up with a way to get great distances with the paper airplane toss that can be used by all.

Take a look at my best paper airplane tossing distance below.

There is a secret to the amnesias flightSimX paper airplane toss.

tips about paperplane throws

Anemias paperplane flightsimx game is very easy to get a long distance throw. There are several things you need to know to achieve this.

1. Start at the farthest point left. Place the paperplane on the left border of the screen.

2. Raipidly move your mouse right.

3. Watch your paper airplane...

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Paperplane distances

I started my strategy with some easy to follow advice. Left side and move right with the mouse.

paperplane distance

After some closer tests, I determined that you need to start high on the left and quickly slide right with a slight downward movement. I mean slight though. If you move too far down you will hit ground. Give it some test runs. I was able to up my distance with this paperplane technique.

I came across a cheat so to speak that gained some serious distance. It worked pretty good to achieve some great new distances. It's a simple cheat but very effective.

Planepaper throwing Cheat

The secret to the planepaper throwing game by Amnesias FlightsimX is to do the following:

1. Leave the airplane at the far left side of the screen, like I stated above(as seen in picture below.

paperplane cheat

2. Move your mouse down and then sure not to cross over the game screen or you will pick up the paperplane again.

3. Position your mouse on the right side of the game screen about 2/3rds down the side.

4. With the paperplane still at the top left, slide the mouse left...

5. Watch your paperplane go great distances!

Ultimate Paper Airplane feats

The final thing you will need to do to make those record breaking paper airplane throwing distances is to make a loop.

If you make your plane loop several times you will get closer to have huge distances. Specifically, you will need your paperplane to loop 3 or 4 times. Four times will give you the greatest meters. These paperplane loops must be accomplished outside of the window and high enough to clear the hydro wires.

Good luck with your paperplane flying!

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Paper Plane Game Cheats

I have spent a bit of time playing the paperplane game. If you have played the game that is sometimes called "Grab the paper plane" or "paperplane game", you have an idea what I mean when I say I have played a bit. More like hours of playing the addicting game.

I made the mistake of opening an email from a friend who said, "try this, it's addicting". My brain should have seen that as a sign to stop right there, hit the delete button and move on. No...I through that paperplane once and was hooked.

After playing just a few times (wink wink), I discovered several things that will propell your airplane the farthest. They are simple but very effective tips. I call the main one a cheat because it isn't the designers intention for you to actually play the game this way.

Keep reading you will find the cheats to the paperplane game in my blog.